Lindsay Evans Montgomery is an emerging Bay Area artist who works as an installation based conceptual painter.  In April, she exhibited her work at The Olsen Twins Hiding from the Paparazzi Museum in Brooklyn, New York. Montgomery has exhibited her work in California, New York, France, Texas, Italy and London. She has been featured in Juxtapoz, Rolling Stone, New York Magazine,, The Observer, as well as many others.

She completed her BFA with high distinction at California College of the Arts in Drawing and Painting. Lindsay completed her MFA at San Jose State University in Pictorial Arts in the Spring of 2015. She had taught undergraduate Two-Dimensional Design and Color Concepts at SJSU. She currently teaches art to elementary students (K-5th) through the Community School of Music and Art in Mountain View, California, and various classes at the Palo Alto Art Center. 

"Ever wonder what King Kylie's aura looks like? Well, you're lookin' at it. Using aura photography and other magic tricks, artist Lindsay Evans Montgomery makes visible the colorful chakras of celebrities, and their sparkly moments, forever frozen in time. From Kesha to Kanye, Montgomery researches and inteprets celebrity culture using a heavy dose of glitter and candy pop colors."

              -Kristin Farr, Juxtapoz Magazine

"Lindsay Montgomery constructs worlds inspired by conventional childhood stereotypes and fantasies she shares with a celebrity-obsessed culture. She makes elaborately ornamented paper theatres to which she adds, candy, acrylic, dollhouse chandeliers, and glitter. Placed center stage is a Polaroid of popular culture figures such as Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton whose physical features and lifestyle have been revered by mainstream society. Embellished with equal flair are Montgomery's paintings comprised of lively brush strokes, soft pastels and neon brights, which creates an atmosphere of playful swirls and highly textured candy drops. The work deals with the idealistic notions of femininity and the social pressures at an impressionable age, to pursure physical beauty linked with perceived sucess."

              -Donna Napper, Curator and Director of Education at San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art